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The Chapel® Audition Committee meets three times each calendar year. At that time all finished products received since the previous meeting are presented for evaluation. Chapel® accepts between 25 and 35 new products a year—depending on market requirements. Many of these are new releases from established Chapel® artists, so the opportunities for new artists are limited. However, Chapel® is always looking for new artists, and will make every effort to accomodate them. The decision for acceptance of a product is based on the following criteria:

  1. Overall suitability of product for Chapel® Music's market.
  2. Production quality.
  3. Product’s suitability to fill an available open slot in Chapel® Music's product lineup. Product categories are
    1. Traditional/Praise and Worship
    2. Contemporary
    3. Instrumental
    4. Country
    5. Folk
    6. Gospel
    7. Spanish
    8. Kids
    9. Classic
    10. Christmas
    11. DVD
    12. Spoken Inspiration
  4. Package design.
  5. Product availability (products available for immediate shipping are usually given top priority).
  6. Artist’s current concert schedule.
  7. Product release date: New products are given priority over products more than a year old.

If the product has previously been released or is currently in release, full information on this should be included with the submission.

After the Chapel® Audition Committee has met, the artist is notified of the committee’s decision by letter. If the project is accepted, the artist will receive the Chapel® Music Sales and Distribution Agreement. Once this agreement is signed by the artist and returned to Chapel® Music, a countersigned copy of the agreement and a purchase order for the product will be sent to the artist. Artists should not send product to Chapel® Music until they have received an official countersigned agreement and a Pacific Press® purchase order.

Chapel® asks for an exclusive distributorship to all Adventist Book Centers® worldwide, and nonexclusive rights to distribute in any other market Chapel® serves. Any exceptions to this requirement must be negotiated prior to the signing of the agreement. We are not product producers and generally are interested only in finished products.

The artist will provide all product to Chapel® at Chapel® Music's retail price (currently $15.98 for CDs), less a minimum of sixty percent (60%) distributor’s discount, with all product shipped by artist FOB to Chapel® Music's Nampa, Idaho, address. Chapel® requests from the artist 5 CDs at a cost of $2.00 each for demo purposes.

When you submit your product for audition, send a final product sample. Also, please include the following:

  • Chapel® Artist Biography for Chapel® Music Audition Committee.
         Click here for a printable copy. (Requires Adobe Acrobat)
  • Completed Artist Information Sheet
         Click here for a printable copy. (Requires Adobe Acrobat)
  • Concert schedule
  • Letters of recommendation for musical performance

We need all of the above items before we can consider your product for distribution. Materials submitted for audition must be received at least 10 working days before an audition committee.

The audition committee meets each April, August, and November.
The next audition committee meeting will be November 1, 2018.

Mail your completed forms and product to:
   Chapel Music Audition Committee                     or phone: (208) 465-2538
   1350 N. Kings Road
   Nampa, ID 83687


Link to Chapel Artist Adobe Acrobat document   Link to Artist Info Adobe Acrobat document

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