fast facts 


General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Silver Spring, Maryland


Board Chairman  

Dan Jackson



Dale Galusha


Annual Gross  

Total corporation income of $40 million


Products and Services  

Mass-market materials such as Signs of the Times®, El Centinela® and La Sentinelle® magazines; Bible study lesson guides called Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide and two weekly children's papers, Our Little Friend® and Primary Treasure®; a full line of books dealing with biblical and Christian topics for all age groups; and a variety of inspirational music distributed through our Chapel® Music label.


Distribution of Product



Bookstores and door-to-door, direct mail, telephone orders, and Internet.


Plant Site  

61 acres
Building is 180,780 square feet (larger than three football fields).


Additional Company-Owned Distribution Networks



Twenty-four retail Christian bookstores across the U.S. and Canada, and five literature evangelism programs called Home Health Education Services.



Approximately 280 full-time and part-time workers, and 400+ door-to-door literature evangelists.


Gutenberg Computer-to-Plate System  

Computer files are used to produce the printing plate. The plate is then put onto the printing press and a product produced. System eliminates need for expensive film. Jobs that took two days with the old method can now be done in three hours.


Harris M200 Web Press  

Paper passes at 1,000 feet per minute; 30,000 signatures an hour. More than 260 electric motors on press. Oven temperature 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Paper heats up to about 250 degrees Fahrenheit as it passes through.


MAN Roland 700 Press  

This sheet-fed press prints in a total of six colors. Prints approximately 15,000 sheets an hour. Built-in coater makes aqueous coating available on all jobs. Perfector allows it to print both sides of the sheet in one pass. Prints book covers, end sheets, and all in-house advertising materials.


Hardcover Binding Line



Produces 1,500 hardcover books an hour, or 15,000 a day.


Kolbus Ratio Binder  

Produces 6,000 paperback books an hour. Takes a sewn book block to finished, shrink-wrapped book in a minute and a half. Sabbath School Bible study guides are now bound on this machine.


Sewing Machine  

Automatic machine produces approximately 5,000 subscription books (e.g., The Bible Story) per day.


Gammerler Inline Trimmer  

Attached to Harris Web Press. Trims magazines at 30,000 per hour and delivers in perfect stacks ready for shipping or mailing.


Stitcher Trimmer  

Produces approximately 35,000 32-page Lifestyle, Discovery, and other professional booklets a day.


Periodical Mailing  

Two million pieces mailed every month. Pacific Press® is the largest bulk mailer in Idaho.


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