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Calvary: the Focal Point of Everything

Devotional for Saturday, June 23, 2018
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God's incredible deliverance of His people and the promise of victory hinge on the most significant event in human history--Calvary. Yes, two thousand years have passed, and we're still waiting for the Second Coming, but in a sense the Judgment Day we long for has already taken place at the cross. Calvary was Judgment Day for Satan. His fate was sealed when he sent Jesus to His death. That is why salvation history looks forward to the Cross and looks backward to the Cross. It is the focal point of everything. The Desire of Ages stumbled to Calvary and there, bearing the sins of the world, died for all human beings. Could there be a better, more concrete revelation of God's utter compassion and concern for the human race?

Since the Cross, we live in a time filled by the victory of that event. And whether we realize it or not, humankind does not move toward an uncertain future and a vague eternal destiny. On the contrary, every person can live with joy, knowing that Jesus will triumphantly return because He prevailed at Calvary. He came to His end so that we could enjoy a new beginning.

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FROM Preparation for the End Time by Norman R. Gulley, pp. 114, 115

For more information on this book: www.adventistbookcenter.com/preparation-for-the-end-time-bible-book-shelf-2018-2q.html



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