mission statement 

The Pacific Press® Publishing Association, established in 1874, is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Its sole purpose is to uplift Jesus Christ in communicating biblical teachings, health principles, and family values—in many languages—through various types of printed materials, video products, and recordings of Christian music.

The Pacific Press® perceives itself primarily as a spiritual enterprise. This perception governs the selection of personnel as well as of all materials published, including advertisements.

With this purpose in mind, the Pacific Press® has made a substantial investment in human and material resources to carry out a world mission.


Strategic Priorities

Serve our present customers more effectively

  • Better define our customers' needs and fill them through outstanding products, services, and promotion.


  • Focus on constant improvement in quality.


  • Promote continued increased efficiency, cost reduction, and money-saving processes.


  • Seek increased market penetration in current areas of marketing.


  • Become a more integral part of the world church publishing program and North American Division program by providing materials that strengthen and provide growth for the church.


Expand our product and market base

  • Look for new products and/or markets in which to invest our resources in the most effective manner to produce long-term results. Such results will be more valuable if they give constant growth to the company as opposed to one-time only results.


  • Expand our market for subscription books through new marketing methods and expansion of our administrative base in existing union publishing programs.


Maintain a world mission

  • Maintain a commitment to global mission of Pacific Press® through contributions to the Publishing House Development Fund, by ongoing contacts with our sister publishing houses worldwide, through contributions of product and expertise to world fields, and through provision of printing services for other publishing houses.


Maintain a high level of technical capability

  • Provide ongoing education for our employees to ensure their success and the success of the company by having a high level of expertise.


  • Maintain equipment standards within the industry’s level of acceptance in order to produce competitively priced, quality products for our customers.


Provide our employees a great place to work

  • Recognizing that Pacific Press® is a spiritual enterprise and that our employees (our internal customers) are our greatest asset in accomplishing our mission, Management is committed to providing an “employee-friendly” work environment that provides a stable employment base.


  • Increase participative management through team action and decision making made at the lowest level of competence possible.


  • Provide our employees with a competitive remuneration and benefit package to assist in recruiting and retaining the most qualified and skilled work force. Develop employee incentive programs aimed at rewarding team improvements and improved quality of work. Review the remuneration system to better reflect community standards of compensation for expertise, technical skills, assigned responsibility, and needs for specialized personnel.


Be a positive visible presence in the community

  • Management recognizes that our community activities are an important part of representing our church to the world. By participating in Treasure Valley community affairs, we help Seventh-day Adventists and our message to be more accepted in the minds of community leaders and citizens.

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